artist statement

I was born in Tecate, Baja California, a young border city. My urban context taught me to be a dynamic person, to constantly move between cities like Tijuana, Mexicali, and San Diego. This mobility has allowed me to experience and connect with diverse, artistic manifestations.

I graduated with a degree in History from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Tijuana. A fundamental part of my work as a historian is recuperating and documenting present-day art and music scenes, all through narrated personal accounts and interviews. As a historian I’ve tended toward an audiovisual narrative format, which
allows me to have direct access with wider audiences. I believe that moving images generate a richer, more accessible audiovisual record.

Living on the border has given me the opportunity to observe the cultural exchange that is so distinctive of this area. Each one of these border cities is strengthened and influenced by the other when it comes to art and culture. It's for this reason that I consider it essential that I continue to investigate and document these border-based music and art scenes. I'm interested in creating videos that could, in the future, become sources of research.

For a long time I've asked myself, "Why do I produce videos if I'm not a filmmaker?" "If I'm a historian, why not just write books?" "Why do people believe history is an event that happened centuries ago?" History evolves. To narrate what is happening now and put it into video is to generate and contribute a historical document that with the passage of time can become a virtual library with immediate and open access to all.